SPACERACE selected by ESA BIC | November 2022

SPACERACE company was selected by ESA Business Incubation Centre Czech Republic for the development of ATLAS release actuators for ground testing of space mechanisms. This achievement, among other support, secured 50 000 € for the actuator development.
Use of ATLAS will enable our customers to properly test their mechanisms both at a lower cost and at a higher rate than was possible before. The first ATLAS units will get our customers faster in second half of 2023.



Managing director and chief designer

Richard is a true space freak who dedicated his professional life to space industry. As a structural engineer, Richard worked on missions like EUCLID, James Webb Space Telescope or Proba3 in the European Space Agency. After that, as a space systems engineer, he has been developing space technologies in the Czech Republic for ESA as well as various European commercial space players. Richard makes sure that our customers are provided with exceptional product experience.

Tomáš Valenta

Chief business developer

Mechanical engineer by heart and soul. Tomáš designed space mechanisms and related ground support equipment for JUICE mission or new generation of solar arrays. He has more than eight years experience of general mechanical design and project management in mechanical industry, manufacturing and post processing. He is also experienced entrepreneur and coach. In SPACERACE, Tomáš takes care of our customers and help them to select the best solution to their needs.



Testing and qualification of space mechanisms can be slow and painful process. Especially when release actuators are involved. Some of these devices can be only fired once and then sent for refurbishment to the United States. Some can be refurbished on site in exchange for high costs and considerable time spent with resets. Some of the new generation devices are resettable, but are limited in number of releases. We have been there and we decided that we do not want to select the least evil.

So we are creating ATLAS. In Q3 2023 we will bring you a fully functional rapidly resettable substitution of space qualified release actuators for ground testing. Capable of up to 42 kN of preload. Releaseable within 45ms. Resettable under 1 minute with no tooling directly on the tested article. Designed for efficiency, ergonomy and reliability. Designed to make you faster.

Download ATLAS datasheet


We are all members of a space race. Whether we realize it or not we travel through the cosmos on our beautiful giant blue spaceship. And just as we have learned to use the gifts of the oceans and traverse their vast expanses, we will learn to travel and live in space and use its resources for the advancement of all humanity.
We want to get you faster in the new space race. To be faster means to be more efficient both in terms of time and cost. This requires to have a deep trust in the products of the supply chain. SPACERACE aims to build this trust and provide exceptional experience through the off-the-shelf or on demand components. We believe in these basic values:

Proven cost and time savings for the user

Top notch quality

Non questionable reliability

Customer care beyond standards

Respect to environment on Earth and on orbit

We are looking for partners on this mission. If you share the same values do not hesitate to get in touch with us to create extraordinary things.


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